Spitzkop 2016

How to enter

 BETWEEN 11h00 and 15h00.

  • Entry fee:
    • MTB 33km: N$160 per participant 
    • MTB 70km: N$190 per participant
    • 9km Run: N$140 per participant
    • 21.1km Run: N$190 per participant

Food and Drinks will be served by the Spitzkoppe Resort

Friday night: Pre booking required
“Braai “: Rib eye Beef steak , Warm patato dish, coleslaw and bread roll
Adult (12 and above) - N$180.00 p/p
Child (12 and below) – will be only Boerewors roll and coleslaw N$50 pp
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate N$ 15.00
Boerewors rolls N$ 25.00
Portion Chips N$ 25.00
Hope this answers all questions, if you require any further info please feel free to contact me:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accommodation information from Spitzkoppe Resort

Day visitor rates: Applicable Friday and Saturday if you are not staying over. N$ 50.00 p/p

Camping: N$ 120p/p Adults and N$ 90.00 p/child under 12 (NOTE: this is on a first come first serve basis we are not able to reserve a campsite or
take any pre-bookings for camping)

Tented Camp
This year we will have a tented camp.
Dome tent, with 2 x stretchers and mattresses and light
N$ 380.00 p/p sharing per night (Just bring your own bedding) if you booked a first night in the tents your second night is on discount N$ 250.00 p/p sharing
N$ 760 p/p Single supplement


All Friday night pre-booking meals and tented camp accommodation pre bookings to be made before
Monday 5 September 2016 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important information from Spitzkoppe Resort

Please note the following:

NOTICE: There is another local operator at Spitzkoppe, trading under the style of Spitzkoppe Mountain Tented Camp,
this institution is not part of “Spitzkoppe Community Restcamp” the hosts of the Marathon,
and we cannot be held accountable for any bookings made by this operator.
Please note he also operates as Spitzkoppe Reservations CC on the internet and we will unfortunately NOT be able to

You will still be liable to make entry payments of N$ 50.00 p/p

General Infomation and Rules

SPITZKOPPE – THE ROCK –  SAT 10 September 2016


• Online Entries: www.otbsport.com Online Entries close 31 August at 18h00.  There will be no late
entries allowed.  Online entries 
may close sooner if the event is over subscribed.

• All entries to be done via website.  www.otbsport.com (Successful entries will receive a confirmation email)

• First 500 entries receive an event t-shirt.  For those participants who did not receive an event tee,
an additional 80 tees will be available after prize giving.


Registration (collection of race numbers, event t-shirt, etc.) will take place in:

Windhoek at Otb Sport Wernhil Wed 7
Sept from 11h00 to 15h00

Spitzkoppe on Friday 9 September from 16h00 to 20h00.

Coastal residents can email Yvonne on Monday 5 September ONLY and request that their registration package be
sent to Walvisbay or Swakopmund. 
Please make the subject of your email: COASTAL REGISTRATION. Please stipulate if you want you registration
package sentto WALVISBAY or SWAKOPMUND AND PROVIDE T-SHIRT SIZE and if male or female

Alternatively (and preferably) you can register at the organiser’stent at Spitzkoppe on Friday 13 September from
16h00 to 20h00.


The weather in September is usually fine and mild, but it can become very windy and it is usually chilly in the early morning.
Southern fronts may also result in sudden cold spells, so bring enough warm clothes and sleeping bags. Rain is unlikely but
statistically not impossible....


Foot race distances and description

The foot races start and finish at the Spitzkoppe Community Campsite entrance gate and is run on gravel road and
     jeep tracks around the Pontoks and Grosse Spitzkoppen massifs. Parking is available at the Community Restaurant
     about 50m from the start.

   The course distance is 21.1km.

   There is also the option of a 9km trail.

Cycle race distances and description

Please note cyclists are responsible for their own hydration, the only water stops on the cycle route will be for emergency
   purposes.  All cyclists must wear cycling
helmet and adhere to standard cycling safety rules.

Specific Race Rules

Race numbers must be worn on the front of your vest (runners and walkers). For cyclists:  numbers must be attached
to the front of the mountain bike
on the han
dle bar, facing the oncoming road/track.  Further instructions about the race numbers and finishing protocol
will be announced at the start of the race. Please pay very good attention to these instructions.

Starting times of races on Saturday

-  21.1km walk:  06h30

-   21.1km run:  07h00

- 70km cycle:  07h15

-  32km cycle:  07h40

25km Fatbike: 07h50

-   9km run:  08h00

Prize Giving around 12h00

The decisions of the organisers, marshals and timekeepers are final.  We have taken all reasonable precautions to
     ensure fair measurement of race times.

    Routes will be marked with bunting and sign boards

    Cut-of times for the different events:

-  21.1km walk:  4 hours

-  21.1km run: 3 hours

-   32km cycle: 3 hours 30 minutes

-   66 km cycle: 4 hours 30 minutes

-   25km FATBIKE: 4 hours 30 minutes

·Water points will be available every 3km (run/walk) and emergency water points will be available on approx..
  every 18km on the cycle.  Cyclists are responsiblefor their own hydration.

Sweeper vehicles will circle the route at least three times during the course of the race.  No other vehicles will be allowed
   on the course during the race. 

· Please do not litter.

·  There will be a lucky draw and prize giving after the races at the Spitzkoppe restaurant.  Prize giving is expected to start at
   12h00 or as soon as race times have
 been tallied. 


This is not an urban race, so there are some specific issues to consider.

    At the risk of stating the obvious: this is a half-marathon and a long cycle, it is not a short Sunday morning trundle.
    Do not take part if you are not fit enough to run/walk/cycle the distance you have entered for.

    At least part of the route includes a national road.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of
    approaching vehicle traffic from both sides.  Run/walk: run on the right-hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.
    Cycle: cycle on the left hand side of the road.

    Note that the road surface anywhere along the route may be loose underfoot and is definitely uneven. Please run/walk/cycle
     with great care to prevent injuries.
     Should you be injured in spite of this, or indeed experience any other sort of disabling injury or emergency,
     please request your fellow runners to notify the marshal  and wait for the sweeper vehicle to pick you up.
     A medic vehicle will also circle the route and will be able to assist where needed.

    Although highly unlikely, it is not impossible that participants may come across dangerous animals such as snakes.
    Please be aware of your surroundings and avoid confronting snakes (they will go away if you ignore them).

 Participants  need to assess for themselves (and /or minors) whether they are fit enough to take part.

 All participants take part in the event at their own risk and indemnify the organisers, sponsors, host and other authorities  
of any loss or  injury, however that loss or
injury may be caused which might occur in preparation for, during or subsequent
to the event and in any circumstances in which the organisers, sponsors and local
and other authorities might attract a legal  
liability in respect of such injury or loss.


Take the B2 from Swakopmund towards Usakos.40km before Usakos turn left onto the D1918 towards Henties Bay.  After 18km
turn right onto the D3716 and drive a further 11km.  Accessible by ordinary cars


Competitors shall:

Practice good sportsmanship at all times,

Be responsible for their own safety,

Obey instructions from race officials,

Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators with respect and courtesy,

If they violate a rule knowingly report the violation to timekeepers or Yvonne Brinkmann.

Inform timekeepers if they withdraw from a race

Ensure that they are familiar with the race course; the participant is responsible for any deviations from route which if deemed
an unfair advantage may result in disqualification.

Competitors shall ensure that race numbers are clearly displayed on the front of their shirts at all times.  Further instructions
about race numbers and finishing

protocol will be announced at the start of the race.  Please pay attention to these instructions, as they are important for accurate
time keeping

A competitor who has a protest must do so in writing within 15 minutes of his/her finish time.   Written protests are to be handed
in at timekeeper table or to Yvonne Brinkmann.

Competitor can be suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct and fraud.  The event organiser’s decision is final and will be made
in consultation with relevant people.

No items deemed to be a hazard to self or others can be worn e.g. no headsets or headphones.

See Who Has Already Entered

9 km Route

Spitzkop 9km 1

21 km Route

Spitskop 21km edit1

Cycle Route 1st loop

Cycle route 1st loop edit1

Cycle route 2nd loop and fatbike

Cycle route 2nd loop and fatbike edit1

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