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Buying ORCA Wetsuits

ORCA Wetsuits

Fitting / Sizing / Care

The correct fit is critical in getting the best performance from your wetsuit. Please click here for{rokbox text=| men|}/images/stories/Wetsuit_Size-Chart.jpg{/rokbox} or {rokbox text=| ladies|}/images/stories/Wetsuit_Size-Chart-woman.jpg{/rokbox} to view the Orca Speedsuit size chart. Orca has developed it's male and female sizing over the last 15 years, but please note that everyone's body shape is different, so this should be taken as a guide only.

Taking care of your wetsuit will extend the life of the neoprene, lining, seams and other features. {rokbox text=|click here|}/images/stories/Orca-Speedsuit-Tips.jpg{/rokbox} to see a list of tips on the best way to care for your wetsuit.

ORCA wetsuits are available exclusively at OTB Sport.